Rapesco Designer Expanding File

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A4+ 7 Part Designer polypropylene Expanding File with 7 separate compartments, allowing you to organise your projects.

Features secure closure lock, index tabs, business card holder on the cover and pen holder cut-out under the curved flap.

Manufacturers Description:

A tough, hard wearing item which has the potential to store a large amount of documents, these Rapesco files have been designed by a team who understand the modern office.  Formulated from hard wearing materials, these files and folders are designed to withstand a fair amount of disruption, ensuring that documents kept within are safe and secure.  A quality item from an office expert. Boasts a metallic blue finish.

  • Reliable Rapesco technology
  • Rapesco Designer Expanding File 0679
  • Boasts a hugely generous capacity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Metallic Blue colour scheme.


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