Heavy Duty Tacker

heavy duty tacker

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Rexel Heavy Duty Tacker Silver 2101209

Robust metal tacker with adjustable stapling power for tacking into a variety of base materials, pulling handle prevents staples firing when locking down handle and easy bottom loading.

Accepts No.23/6, No.23/8m No.23/10 or No.23/13 staples.

Manufacturers Description:

When you want to fix something to a base material then this tacker is the perfect tool.  The tacker has a strong metal casing making sure that you can use this tacker again and again without worry about its performance.  Other options like blue-tack and sticking tape are unreliable and will leave an unpleasant residue behind, the Rexel Heavy Duty Tacker uses easily removed staples that do not leave sticky marks.

  • Heavy duty tacker for easy and secure fastening
  • Rexel Heavy Duty Tacker Silver 2101209
  • Bottom loading is easy and efficient
  • Durable metal case ensures longevity
  • Loads 23/8 and 23/13 staples


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