3D Wooden Puzzle Owl

Wooden Owl
Made 3D Wooden Owl

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Made 3D Wooden Owl


Made of high quality ply wood

1)    DIY hand-assembled, is a lot of fun, can be a shared project between parents & children or groups of children co-operating in a team and gives a great sense of        accomplishment for each stage;

2)    Compared with the general 2-dimensional puzzles, 3-dimensional shapes are challenging, can stimulate your logical thinking and spatial imagination and prompt a study of the subject as you build the model;

3)    Doing these as a project together with family or close friends, can be a shared learning & development of practical and study skills and the result can be immediately seen and be meaningful forever.

4)    The project can be done at your leisure and can take as long as you wish – this can develop a skills of planning, organization & co-operation between project members.

5)    These Jigsaw/models are inexpensive and can give hours of fun & interest to children & adults alike and can be kept & displayed as an interesting object and as a trophy of personal achievement.




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